The YC competition is for cinnamon marked birds only. (Excluding fawn marked white or allied birds).
The competition runs throughout the show season at all specialist Yorkshire Canary Club shows, and those CBS shows awarded FULL PATRONAGE by the YCC.

The competition is FREE to enter.


The following prizes are presented to YC competition winners at the YCC AGM:

Winner: Engraved plaque and cheque for 20
Runner up: 12
Third place: 8

The same prizes are allocated in both Champion and Novice sections.


Up to THREE birds may be nominated at the time of submitting an entry to any specialist/full patronage shows.
Each entry shall be nominated YC on the entry form.
Any number of shows can be entered, but only the six highest overall results will be counted, per exhibitor.

The maximum number of points that can be gained at any show shall be 21 (3 birds x 7 points each)
The maximum number of points available over the entire competition is therefore 126 (6 shows x 21 points at each show)

Nominated exhibits will be awarded points for class placings as follows:

Entries per class1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th

YC Competition Results 2009

Champion Winner

D Chapman

35 points

Derek Chapman

Novice Winner

A Reynolds

36 points

Alan Reynolds

Runner up

H Chapman

22 points

Hilary Chapman

Runner up

P Roddy

16 points

Pat Roddy

Third place

B Murphy

7 points

Barry Murphy

Third place

D Rice

5 points

Dave Rice