July sees the end of the breeding season and the start of the annual moult, which continues through until September, or in some cases, even later.

Replacing the plumage is quite taxing on canaries, and every care should be taken to help them come through this period as quickly as possible.

The moult is a quiet time of the canary calendar, and the same management regime applies throughout the entire period.




Caring for canaries Week 27

Caring for Canaries: July - September

Weeks 27 - 39
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 4
DietStaple foodFresh WaterDaily
Mixed Canary Seed
Added extrasSoftfoodDaily
Colour FeedingAdd colour food to softfood daily, if colour feeding for exhibition
GreenfoodTwo or three times per week
FruitTwo or three times per week
MineralsMineral Grit
Oystershell Grit
Always available
Refresh weekly
SupplementsFeed as recommended by manufacturer
General ManagementHousingAdultsFlight cages
Young birdsIndividual cages
CleaningCagesWeekly / as required
PerchesDaily / Weekly / as required
UtensilsDaily / Weekly / as required
BathingTwice a week
Specialist TasksHeatingMaintain constant temperature of 45-55 degrees farenheit
LightingSwitch off artificial lighting to aid swift moult
Show TrainingAllow young birds to enter training cages daily, unless deep in moult
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