Brian Keenan Brian takes care of most of the publicity for the YCC, handling the tasks of Show Reporter, Handbook Editor and Webmaster.

A prolific writer for Cage & Aviary Birds, Brian is quick to mention the Yorkshire Canary at every opportunity, to help publicize our favourite bird, across the globe.

Brian reminds visitors that our website only provides a flavour of the YCC. Members also receive the YCC handbook, which is packed with many pages of information and articles every year. Join to receive your copy of the "Yorkieman's bible", in addition to the free YCC magazine, publicizing the club activities via the YCC website, every quarter.

Chairman of the Liverpool & District YCC and a popular judge at home and abroad, Brian requests that any ideas on ways to improve the YCC website or the handbook will be warmly received.

YCC President 2011
Honorary Life Member