Sid Goacher Sid's strength lies in his individual views and observations, which have lead him to convince the Yorkshire canary world of the merits in displaying show cages sideways-on at mixed variety shows, for the benefit of the public. He also saw the need for a 'chaperone' for our judges, and now meets and greets our guests at the Victoria Hall, each year.

Sid's first judging engagement was the YCC in 1992. He argues that large classes of unflighted birds are a lot to cope with for a new judge. We now insist that a YCC judge shall have previously adjudicated at a minimum of two specialist shows and needs to have been a Champion exhibitor for a minimum of five years, before being engaged to judge the UK's premiere Yorkie event.

Sid previously served as YCC representative to the Canary Council and NCA. Sid convinced the YCC to promote FREE PATRONAGE for UK CBS clubs.

 President 1993 and 2012
Honorary Life Member