A GREEN MARKED bird is marked on TWO or MORE technical points.

An EVENLY MARKED bird shall be marked on balanced technical points only, for example, both eyes, both wings, both outer sides of the tail, making the bird a two, four or six pointer.

An UNEVENLY MARKED bird shall be marked other than the above.

Green marked birds may be marked up to the point of being foul or self.

Head or Cap marked birds, i.e. with a solid or grizzled mark touching BOTH eyes, shall compete in the green marked classes.

Birds with dark tails, including both outer sides of the tail, are classified as having TWO technical marks, and will also compete in the green marked classes.

Green marked birds - head markings.
Fig n
Fig o
Fig p
Head or cap mark touching both eyes = 2 technical points
ONE continuous mark touches BOTH eyes = 2 technical points
TWO separate marks, each touching a different eye = 2 technical points
more 'green marked' birds!
Fig q
Fig r
Fig s
Continuous mark covers eye and wing flights = 2 technical points
One mark covering BOTH wings = 2 technical points
Marked on BOTH sides of tail = 2 technical points
 still more 'green marked' birds!
Fig t
Fig u
Fig v
Fig w
Light feathers in wing AND tail = green marked
Self with a light bib = show as a green marked bird
Light underflue, clearly seen in the birds natural position, = green marked
Tail all dark = 2 technical points
All the above birds qualify for the GREEN MARKED classes.