YCC Patronage is provided to CBS clubs in the UK free of charge, to help encourage the breeding and exhibition of Yorkshire Canaries at all levels.

The YCC offers two levels of Patronage. These are Award of Merit Patronage, and Full Patronage.

Both patronages provide special awards for Best Novice and Best Champion yorkshire.

In addition at full patronage shows, points gained in the show will count towards the three YCC points competitions, YA, YB and YC competitions in both sections.

To apply for free patronage by post, send an A4 stamped addressed envelope together with your completed application form. (download application form here)

Joint Publicity

Your commitment
to the YCC
Clubs granted patronage shall print a reference to this in their Show Schedule, the wording of which will be advised by the YCC Patronage Secretary, upon receipt of your application. Our commitment
to you

The YCC will publish the details of your show in our handbook and on our website, advising members that patronage has been awarded to your society.

YCC Conditions of Patronage

Cages Sideways-on At Mixed Variety shows, all Yorkshire Canary Show Cages should be benched sideways on whilst placed on the staging throughout the duration of the show. This is to enable members of the public to have an equal view of the bird, when compared to any other variety.
Cage Labels To facilitate the above, the cage label should be placed on the right hand bottom corner of the cage as it is viewed, with the drinker at the end of the cage, to the right.
Showcage, showing position of label for CBS club shows
The above applies regardless of the type of patronage awarded.
Catalog and
Award Sheet
If your society has been awarded Full Patronage, then a catalog and award sheet must be returned immediately after the show for YCC points competitions, to: K Williams at the YCC.

Classification Requirements

Award of Merit
  • A minimum of 8 classes for Champion and 8 classes for Open Novice sections.

  • These should be 4 adult and 4 unflighted classes per section.
Full Patronage A full classification consisting of 27 classes each for Champion & Novice sections is required.

View/Download Full Classification

Patronage award criteria

Patronages are allocated solely at the discretion of the YCC, based on the following criteria:

  • The number of classes put on for Yorkshire canaries
  • The number of Yorkshire canary exhibits at last years show
  • To qualify for Full Patronage, a recognised current Yorkshire canary judge is required.

For guidance, shows expected to attract 75 or more Yorkshire canary entries will be awarded Full Patronage, whilst Award of Merit Patronage will be awarded to shows attracting less than 75 Yorkshire canary entries.