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Show Rules
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1.The club shall be called 'The Yorkshire Canary Club' and shall encourage the breeding and exhibiting of the Yorkshire Canary throughout the UK and worldwide.


2.The officers of the club (five to form a quorum) shall consist of President, Honorary Life Vice President(s), 8 Life Members, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, three Vice-Presidents (one to be elected each year of which the longest serving shall become the President), Secretary & Treasurer (combined office), Publicity Officer and Scrutineers, together with a committee of members elected at the AGM. The retiring President shall not be eligible for re-election to Vice-President for at least three years after retirement from office.
3.The business of the club shall be conducted in writing, the Secretary keeping all aquainted with the club's business as decided by the officers who shall have full power to transact everything.
4.The dispersing of the club's funds shall be in the hands of the officers.
5.The AGM shall be held on a date, time and venue to be notified previously to each member who, if unable to attend, shall be allowed to make any statement or vote by writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
6.Each member shall be provided with a copy of the club's rules upon joining (and thereafter upon application and payment to the Secretary). The rules will also be posted in the member’s area of the club’s web site.
7.Any proposal to alter a rule of the club must be made in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the annual Nominations Meeting.
8.All such proposals which are approved on a vote of at least two thirds of the members present at the Nominations meeting, shall be notified to all members in a letter sent out with the ballot paper for election of officers to the club.
9.Any business brought forward can be transacted at an Annual General Meeting.
10.There shall be three general meetings each year: The Nominations Meeting, The Annual General Meeting and the Show Meeting. The Show Meeting shall decide the organisation and management of the YCC Open Show to be held on the final full weekend in October.
11.The Nominations Meeting shall be held prior to the AGM. to nominate all officers other than the President. All members shall be allowed to send in by post the names of nominees for the respective positions. All nominations which receive a seconder to be put on ballot papers, distributed to members and where there is more than one contender for a position, voted upon.
12.The Secretary or President when requested by 5 members to call a Special Meeting shall, upon receiving full details of the resolution, first discuss the business with the Officers of the club. Before a Special Meeting of the club shall be called a minimum of ten days' notice will be given.
13.The President, Chairman, 3 Vice-Presidents and Secretary shall constitute a sub-committee to meet and confer with representatives of other specialist clubs on matters of vital importance relating to the fancy if called upon.
14.Scrutineers are allowed to vote at all meetings.
15.For any proposition to succeed it must be accepted by at least two thirds of the members present.


16.Application for membership must be made in writing to the Secretary.
17.All applicants for membership of the club shall be considered either by the committee or at the AGM and any applicant may be refused membership without assigning any reason for it.
18.Life membership is an honour awarded in recognition of outstanding service to the club. Life membership shall be restricted to a maximum of eight members at any one time. When a vacancy arises, a new Life Member shall be nominated.
19.An annual subscription shall be payable in one of the following categories: A&B. ordinary member, overseas member, partnership or senior citizen C. junior up to and including 16 years of age. FREE.
20.Any member whose subscription is not paid up shall not participate in any benefits of the club. Should any member neglect to pay the subscription, he/she will be notified by the Secretary. No club handbook will be sent to any member who has not paid the previous year's subscription. Should any member fall two years in arrears and fail to pay upon notification from the Secretary, he shall be suspended from membership and reported to the other specialist clubs as per Rule 33.
21.Any person may cease to be a member of the club at any time on giving notice to the Secretary in writing to that effect and on payment of all liabilities due to the club.


22.The Patronage Secretary shall determine which clubs shall receive YCC patronage each year.
23.The closing date for application for patronage shall be 30th April.
24.At Full patronage shows where the club’s specials are in competition, a full classification must be provided. Judges engaged must be Champion breeders and exhibitors of Yorkshire Canaries.
25.Award of merit patronage may be granted at the discretion of the Patronage Secretary for shows receiving less than 75 anticipated Yorkshire exhibits, where a full classification is not provided, or where the judge is not a Yorkshire Canary Champion exhibitor.
26.Patronage shall be given on merit, distance between shows not to sway any decision.
27.At mixed variety cage bird shows, Yorkshire Canary show cages shall be displayed sideways on. To accommodate this, the cage label shall be affixed to the bottom right hand corner of the show cage on the long side, with the drinker facing the right as you view the show cage sideways on.
28.Judges may not adjudicate at two specialist shows on consecutive days or weekends. A judge may officiate at any number of full patronage shows in a show season but only two of these may be specialist Yorkshire Canary club shows.
29.Eligible judges for the YCC shall be selected on the following criteria:
i) Must be Champion exhibitors of five years or more.
ii) Must have judged both champion and novice classes at a minimum of two previous Yorkshire Canary specialist shows.
iii.) At least ONE of the THREE YCC Open Show judges in any year shall have previously judged that show.
iv.) Judges shall be selected by ballot following the YCC Nominations Meeting.
v.) Judges may not judge two YCC shows in succession.


30.A Champion in any other variety of cage birds, excepting canaries, can start as a Novice in the Yorkshire Canary Section.
31.Any person residing or keeping his/her birds in the same house as a Champion Exhibitor of the same species shall be debarred from competing as an Open Novice.
32.A working agreement shall be formed between the YCC and all UK specialist Yorkshire Canary clubs to enforce a universal Open Novice rule and to protect the interests of all Yorkshire Canary Breeders throughout the British Isles.
33.We shall uphold the disqualification of other specialist clubs and agree to report to each other the disqualifications and suspensions.
34.A Novice is one who has not previously won a first prize in Open Champion classes. He/she shall cease to be a Novice when he/she shall have had one win for each of seven years (show seasons) in classes of ten or more exhibits. The exhibitor can get as many Firsts as possible but only one shall count for Novice Status each year. An award of Best Novice Bird at a full patronage show to count as a win towards the seven required for Champion Status, provided that a minimum of three Novice exhibitors and at least ten novice exhibits competed for awards at that show. Overseas exhibitors shall retain their home country exhibitor status when exhibiting at shows enjoying YCC Patronage.


35.A member is eligible to win a YCC competition if he/she has gained the highest number of points in that competition at the club's full patronage shows; the three highest scoring birds to count for any competition. The six highest shows to count. Any number of shows up to six to be eligible.
36.A member may show any number of birds, but only three nominated birds shall count in each competition. (Details of YCC competitions published in the Handbook and web site).
37.Points to count: The seven highest awards in each class to count for points. First to count seven points. If less than seven exhibits, the first award shall count the same number of points as there are exhibits in the class. Each award after the first to count one point less than the award next above it. In case of a tie for money prizes they shall be added together and equally divided.
38.All disputes and objections in any of the competitions promoted by the YCC shall be decided upon by the committee, and such complaints must be made to the Secretary in writing within seven days of the cause of the complaint and must plainly state the ground of the complaint enclosing a deposit of £5. If the committee upholds the complaint the deposit shall be returned.
39.Should a member or members be disqualified by a judge at a show held under the patronage of the club, he/she or they shall be debarred from adding any points which may be gained by their other exhibits at the show (unless the reason for the disqualification is disproved on enquiry by the committee on appeal as per Rule 38).


40.Exhibitors are allowed to price their exhibits which are for sale and the price must be stated on the entry form and in the show catalogue.
41.Exhibits not for sale shall be marked 'NFS' on the entry form and in the show catalogue.
42.10% will be deducted by the club from all sales.
43.There shall be no limit price in Open Classes or Sales Classes.
44.All sales must be effected through the Claims Steward or Secretary.
45.Prices stated on entry forms and catalogues are for the bird only, excluding cages in all cases.
46.The rule governing claims is as follows:
There shall be no overbidding for sales birds.
47.Sales class exhibits are ineligible for any special awards other than those donated for these classes.
48.Birds in the sales classes may be lifted when purchased.
49.No other birds are to be removed from the show hall before the close of the show.
50.All exhibits must be at the place of exhibition, if possible, on the night before the show but not later than none o'clock a.m. on the show day or they will be too late for the competition.
51.No person, reporter or otherwise, will be admitted under any pretext whatever to the exhibition previous to its opening, except those who are actually engaged in its arrangement; nor will any exhibit (other than sales class birds) be allowed to be removed from the place without the consent of the committee in writing, until close of the show.
52.The club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that may happen to the exhibits on their way to and from or during the exhibition.
53.Classes to be judged alternately, Champion, Novice, and so on through the classes.
54.No bird shall be shown under a judge from whom it was purchased within one month of the show to which the judge has been appointed.
55.Cage labels to be fixed to the left of the drinker on show cages unless otherwise advised by the show promoting society, for example to allow the birds to be benched with their cages sideways-on.
56.YCC black plastic drinkers will be provided to all exhibitors as birds are entered at the show hall and these must be used at the YCC Open Show.
57.White canary seed or mixed seed optional in show cages.
58.Any restrictions/impositions placed on the movement or inclusion of exhibits by DEFRA or other appropriate ruling body shall remain the responsibility of the exhibitor entirely, and acceptance of any entry at a YCC exhibition is made strictly on this condition.